The mission of Fight Club* (not to be confused with the 1999 blockbuster film bearing the same name) is to facilitate a space that critiques the normative and challenges the myriad forms of hegemony through progressive dialogue and radical argumentation.

With the understanding that most college/university curricula train students on how to be assets to society, Fight Club operates from the premise that society itself is inherently corrupt. Therefore society—and its attachment to a racist, sexist, patriarchal political economy (i.e. capitalism) that debases humans into commodities—must be purposely interrogated and radically challenged to prevent students from unwittingly becoming agents of their own oppression.

Fight Club is a free space that promotes and augments this subversive activity through its intense focus on progressive dialogue and radical argumentation. Said another way, Fight Club focuses on language, and the power relations maintained through language. How do we begin to challenge the semantics of oppression? How do we resist and transform the written, verbal, visual and aural texts of domination and exploitation? Fight Club radically engages language so that participants begin to critically wrestle with meanings and understandings that they once took for granted as fixed and innocuous.

By openly articulating, challenging, defending and probing the value of non-mainstream, subversive and/or radical thoughts, we hope to, as the adage proclaims, “speak truth to power” and engender participants with the wherewithal to fight for and affect transformative, progressive social change. At Fight Club, we just don’t talk about what is, but rather we fight for what can be.

*Fight Club was founded as a community outreach initiative of the first annual Dialogue on Progressive Enlightenment (DOPE) conference. Fight Club serves as the material response to students wishing to carry DOPE forward as an active means to radically interpret and engage the world to produce progressive, transformative social change

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